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DT Case Study

Here is another excellent case-study.  This is a self-study that comes from “DT” who is female in her late 50’s.

This shows how easy PTT is to use on ourselves for those obstacles that get in our way of becoming who we truly are.



The issue was overwhelm due to work and family circumstances which has triggered deep seated insecurity, memories of recent experience with cancer and fear of recurrence.

The client was tired, lethargic, emotionally fragile and easily triggered to tears.

I asked her to draw a picture of how she felt:

Picture 1:

Descriptive phrases:
Title was in a “miserable black”
A stick person in black (“thinking of giving up black”) in the centre of the picture
Facing to the right, spine bent, head down, hair is a mess.
Heavy grey (“miserable grey”) cloud pressing down with 3 pressure arrows in black.
Some flowers (3 to the left of the stick person, 4 to the right of the stick person). Green (hopeful green) stems and leaves with comforting yellow and ruby red flowers.

This is the statement of the problem at the start of the sequence.
Cognitive shift part way through that even in this darkest of places there is still something positive happening.

Picture 2:

Descriptive phrases:
Title is “That was then and this is now”.
Stick person bigger, still in the centre of the picture but now head up. Dashed line to the right – looking at the rainbow colours – they are not in the correct order and there is a white gap between Yellow/Red/Orange and Blue/Indigo/Purple.
The rainbow is under a rising sun (Glowing golden yellow”), coming into that corner of the picture, it has a smiley face and 5 rays.
The cloud has collapsed-just 3 black bumps left above and the rest has melted and is flowing down behind the stick person, 4 wavy black lines in “Sod it black”.
There is a grass green line under the stickperson`s feet with a break and there are more flowers, bigger flowers with more leaf and stem,

Commentary: Clear evidence of flow of emotion in the wavy lines and some movement towards resolution in the lifted head, increased signs of growth, higher frequency colours and the sun beginning to shine.

Picture 3:

Descriptive phrases:
Title is “Getting there”, in “buoyant blue”.
The melting cloud has almost gone-lighter, flatter squiggles flowing down on the left side.
The stick person is more to the right with red (“let`s get going red”) squiggles behind.
Stepping into the rainbow cloud, all the right colours but not necessarily in the right order-thats ok.
The sun is still smiling in the corner in “welcoming, come-on-then gold”.

Sense of movement towards the right (near future) and a metaphorical “stepping into the light”
Flow lines still present but diminishing in intensity.
Stick person now more detailed and smiling, reaching forwards – sense of self regained. 

Picture 4: Resolution

Descriptive phrases:
Title is “It`s ok! ALWAYS!
Stick person larger, central and now the source of radiant violet light.
Strong sense of connection with all that is.
Framed in Gold, Colour flooded through easily and cleanly.
Sense of both peace and excited anticipation.

No clear evidence of the “Confusion” phase of the process in this sequence but very clear signs of emotional flow (processing) moving towards resolution in Pics 2 and 3
Violet and Gold are typical resolution and framing colours.

Follow-up: This was a deep level resolution which cleared the emotional and physical symptoms present at the time and which generated a recognition that better time management and stronger boundaries were needed to manage the current situation. These were subsequently set in place and life improved.



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