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Phoenix EFT Training Code of Conduct and Ethics

This code is intended to state appropriate and acceptable standards of behaviour by which we, as trainers, will abide.

We will maintain the highest levels of integrity and professional conduct in our training sessions and in our interactions with students, other health professionals and members of the public.

  • As trainers our primary concern is to provide our students with comprehensive and professional training.
  • As trainers we will act with due regard to any laws, customs or practices currently in force.
  • As trainers we will only offer services that we are professionally qualified and insured to offer. We will not attempt to train anyone beyond the limits of our own professional competence.
  • As trainers we will maintain confidentiality in our work with students and will endeavour to ensure that our students maintain confidentiality in their interactions with their clients.
  • As trainers we will act professionally towards other trainers and practitioners. We will not approach their students or clients to offer training, advice or treatment without their knowledge and approval. We will not criticise their work or denigrate other professional disciplines.
  • As trainers we will not, under any circumstances exploit a student or client financially, emotionally, sexually or in any other manner.
  • As trainers we will not treat in our training demonstrations any person who is, to our knowledge, likely to be adversely affected by the treatment. If in doubt we will refuse to treat until medical advice has been sought.
  • As trainers we will endeavour to keep up to date with literature and any new developments in our field. Wherever possible we will include suitable new material in our courses at the appropriate level.
  • As trainers we will advise our students of all relevant legal, insurance and ethical issues relating to their future practice and will encourage them to adopt a suitable code of ethics when they enter practice.


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